The Next Level Leadership (NLLe) Institute was founded by Inely Cesna and co-founded by Mike Murphy with the mission to empower Next Level Leaders worldwide to live leadership based on the awareness of a Leader's 'being' while they are 'doing'.


Inely Cesna

She holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Sciences, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a Masters in Intellectual Property from New Hampshire University School of Law and a Juris Doctor in Law from George Mason University. She is an ordained minister and has an area of expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Success in Leadership and Human Relationships.  She is a coach and leader in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Sciences delivering cutting-edge views on deeper levels of spiritual awakening and awareness in the United States and internationally. She is the founder of the Institute For Next Level Leadership.


Michael Murphy


He is the retired CEO for a private multibillion dollar international corporation with over 30 years of worldwide experience in leadership.  His innovative leadership transformed people and businesses all over the world into thriving success.  His personal and professional achievements attest to the efficiency of his unique leadership abilities. He is an ordained minister who holds a Masters in Spiritual Sciences and a Masters in Spiritual Psychology with emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. He is a coach and a consultant to CEOs, chairmen and entrepreneurs and is dedicated to help you monetize what makes your heart sing. He is the co-founder of the Institute For Next Level Leadership.


What People Are Saying

My life has just been taken on a journey. For me, it was like surrendering and trusting without knowing where it was taking me. And, my mind used to wan to know “what does that mean? Where is that going to take me? What is that going to look like? Why am I being guided to this school? “ I just had to keep reminding myself “Don’t even try to figure it out, just trust, regardless of the outcome. And, it has been this amazing dance. I’m having a life now of doing things that I never possibly could have designed if I'd tried to control it. I am just so grateful and thankful, and, in fact, this program, when it came out, and Dr. See Love told me about it instantly felt in alignment. Looking at the information, my mind got involved thinking “Well, I am not looking to creating a business from this,” but in that moment, in that dance, I knew “it doesn’t matter. I know it is in alignment with me. I know for some reason I am meant to be here and who knows why is it so? Just trust.” And, I did it and I had an amazing time at the program and I am just so grateful and thankful for both of you.”

transcribed from Danny McFarland’s sharing