Let Shift Happen


"It is time for corporations to dive deeper into the “humanness” of their human capital."

Inely Cesna | October 2, 2020

The world is going through profound shifts, with dramatic changes in the ways we live our lives, and no clear perspective of an outcome.

If there is a time for shift to happen, that time is NOW!

In the corporate world, one shift, due to happen, is the opportunity to maximize human capital by unlocking employees’ potential.

Considering the historically high unemployment rates we are facing, corporations must ask more of each employee.

The level of discretionary effort an employee brings into work, however, is not something that can be easily detectable or even accessible. Discretionary effort is the unlocked potential in every one of us, which, to be sustainably leveraged, requires something far beyond money, status, rewards, and benefits. It requires the clearing and healing of deeper layers of emotional and mental blockages.

Although corporations have historically and understandably stayed away or completely avoided reaching too far into employee’s emotional and mental blockages, the time has now come for a major shift to happen in the arena of human capital development.

It is time for corporations to dive deeper into the “humanness” of their human capital.

Managing “humanness” means managing employees as whole human beings who bring to work their childhood traumas, their arguments with their spouses and family members, their concerns with kids and elder relatives, their love stories, their joys, their financial struggles, and their broken hearts.

Beneath our social façade, there is a committee of characters, voices, aspects, stories, desires, and dreams. Left alone, this committee may sabotage our success.

Managing “humanness” requires developing processes and training programs to support employees in embracing, accepting, and acknowledging their own humanness. This generates healing, raises enthusiasm and inspiration, and brings to surface employees’ discretionary effort.

True healing within the corporate environment may sound like a drastic paradigm shift, because it may seem unlikely that corporations would address topics such as forgiveness, transcendence, and fulfillment. However, the time may have come for such a paradigm shift to happen. Let’s lean towards it. Let shift happen!

At times like these, we either let shift happen, or we will let @#$% happen...our choice!