Stabilization as a Business Practice During the Great Attrition


"Stabilization provides the conditions to recompose and grow. It offers stability for sustainability."

Inely Cesna | November 19. 2021

During this time of Great Attrition, it is valuable for any business to consider the concept of Stabilization.

Generally speaking, Stabilization is not a hot topic in the business world because it is mistakenly confused for 'Stagnation.'

Stabilization and Stagnation are not the same; learning to differentiate the two can prove crucial at current times.

While Stagnation is dull, static, and stale, Stabilization is flexible, dynamic, and alive.

Stabilization is like the womb offering conditions for gestation, the family environment fostering growth, or the corporate culture inspiring commitment.

Stabilization provides the conditions to recompose and grow. It offers stability for sustainability.

In times of change, Stabilization becomes a crucial cradle for creation, innovation and growth.

There are three essential aspects to manifest Stabilization in any environment, be it a corporation, an organization, a school, a family, or an individual. These aspects are Meaning & Purpose, Order & Organization, and Love & Caring.

Meaning & Purpose relates to significance at deeper levels. In this case, a solid corporate culture, mission, vision, and values can be valuable, but it goes far beyond that. Corporations must translate Meaning & Purpose to the individual level.  How do employees relate to their jobs and their day-to-day activities? How does the time one spends at work enhance their sense of Meaning & Purpose? Attractive financial compensation and benefits are relevant, but it is not sufficient to provide an individual with a true sense of Meaning & Purpose. Everyone is unique.  Whether we like it or not, we bring to work all of who we are: our joys and sadness, our traumas and successes, our highs and lows.  Great paychecks and solid corporate culture are not sufficient to create an environment where employees can be coached and enhanced as whole individuals.

Order & Organization is about the practices and processes to free employees' energy for creation and innovation. The maintenance of outdated practices and processes wastes human energy, which could be dedicated to creation and innovation. Some commonly used outdated practices are the 9 to 5 job schedule in a cubicle or an 8 to 3 school schedule in a classroom. Unfortunately, creativity and innovation do not follow the clock. What inspires and motivates employees to create and innovate, fully engage and participate, and offer their energy towards the corporation's benefit? The answer to this inquiry can revolutionize the practices and processes currently in place in corporations, schools, organizations, and families.

Love & Caring is about focusing on what matters most, which is people. There is no profit, cash flow, corporation, school, customers, and employees without people. People are the beginning and the end of every enterprise. So in which ways can genuine Love & Caring be implemented and improved within a business environment? The answer to this inquiry will take us into a discovery process of trials and errors, which ultimately can develop more humane, more effective, more thriving, and fulfilling corporations and schools for all involved.