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It's needless to say how rapidly the world transforms and evolves. Whether we ride the waves of transformation as an opportunity or as a curse will depend on our levels of preparation and leadership.



Dr. Inely C. Cesna, Esq., DSS (She/Her) is a Leadership & Conflict Resolution Expert and a visionary leader with a unique blend of expertise in conflict resolution, leadership development, and human dynamics.
  • Empowering individuals, families, and organizations: She guides them to transform conflicts into opportunities for growth, connection, and thriving leadership.
  • Founder and CEO: Established the Institute for Next Level Leadership in 2019, delivering cutting-edge programs that awaken potential and elevate leadership.
  • Highly Credentialed: Holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Sciences, a Master's in Psychology, and a Juris Doctor in law.
  • Diverse Expertise:
    • Executive & Life Coach: Member of the International Coaching Federation.
    • MC3-Certified Mediator: Specializes in complex emotional cases.
    • Forbes Coaches Council Member: Leads the group on Work-Life Balance.
    • Published Author: Contributes to Forbes and authored books on personal growth.
    • Enneagram Teacher: Guides individuals towards self-discovery through this powerful framework.
    • Licensed Attorney: Specialized in intellectual property law (Virginia, USA & São Paulo, Brazil).


Mike Murphy is a Leadership Coach & Consultant who helps you discover your purpose and translate it into sustainable success.

  • Seasoned Leader: Mike M. boasts over 30 years of experience guiding international corporations to success as the CEO of a multi-billion dollar enterprise.
  • Innovative Approach: His transformational leadership empowered individuals and businesses to achieve remarkable results.
  • Guiding Your Passion: Now, Mike M. leverages his expertise as a coach and consultant to help CEOs, entrepreneurs, and leaders discover their purpose and translate it into sustainable success.
  • Spiritual Grounding: Mike M. holds a Master's in Spiritual Sciences and Spiritual Psychology, integrating mindfulness and well-being into his coaching approach.
  • Collaborative Impact: He co-founded the Institute for Next Level Leadership, fostering the development of exceptional leaders.

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Giving Back

‘Giving Back’ is a scholarship program funded by INLLE’s founders, partners, participants and clients.

INLLE dedicates a percentage of its net profits to the “Giving Back’ Scholarship Program with the intention that it be used support spread the INLLE Leadership Technology to more participants allowing more leaders to find success and satisfaction as they become a greater force for good in the world.

‘Giving Back’ is our way to endorse personal leadership development, promote high caliber our leaders, improve our ways of doing businesses and being humans in this world.

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