Our Mission: Empower Leaders From Within

Our Vision: Offer the Highest Service for the Highest Good

Values: Service, Growth & Results

We offer the highest service for the highest good of our clients and all involved, promoting growth in self-awareness and business with sustainable and prosperous results.

The Institute For Next Level Leadership (INLLE) results from many decades of experimenting, observing, studying, and living leadership in numerous countries, cultures, languages, environments, and circumstances.

Our programs invite you to let go of any preconceived notions about leadership and recognize leadership as an innate quality already within you. Although natural and innate, leadership is enhanced through self-awareness, education, and practice.

LEADERSHIP IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU, BUT IT STARTS INSIDE YOU! In that sense, leadership is a necessity. If you don’t lead yourself, somebody else will. We help you embrace your leader within and live fully through outstanding leadership.

Leadership has traditionally been based on skills and behaviors that drive or block measurable results. There is a common misunderstanding that leaders will undoubtedly become good leaders if they acquire specific skills and behaviors. But this is only partially true.

Looking for leadership by dissecting skills and behaviors is like looking inside a radio, trying to find the music. We will find the parts that transmit the music, but we will not find the music itself because it does not reside there. Leadership is the ‘music’ that exists innately inside us and comes alive through our talents, gifts, behaviors, and competencies. The better we know the ‘music’ of our leadership, the better we can use our talents and skills with outstanding leadership to promote growth and achieve sustainable results.

At INLLE, we empower leaders to discover and unleash their full potential,
delivering the highest service, promoting growth and creating the conditions for optimum results.

We help you:

  • grow, improve, learn, and develop through interactive educational programs;
  • resolve conflicts and foster resolution, inclusivity, and diversity in your organizations, communities, and families through effective mediation services;
  • develop self-awareness and inner stability by developing ways to lead yourself constructively through individual and group coaching;
  • overcome challenges and achieve your goals to move forward with enthusiasm and leadership;
  • use your potential to the fullest with inspiration, motivation, and enthusiasm;
  • bring positive impact, knowing that you are empowered to the degree your leadership empowers others;
  • develop practical skills and knowledge for service, growth, results, balance, success, and fulfillment; and be the best version of yoursellf

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