Critical Axis: Consciousness of Choice in Times of Change


We are entities capable of creativity, beauty, choice, courage, and intelligence, as well as entities capable of almost unimaginable capacity for self- destruction, both individually and collectively. Which side of our nature will define us turns on the edge of the axis. Like a coin spinning in the air, not knowing whether it will land on heads or tails, in our search for ourselves in time, we are mystical travelers whose destiny may turn on the edge of a dime. The challenge and choices we face in this task as co-creators of the world around us is to learn to read and interpret the signs of change, just as the reflections of stars in the evening sky are signs of energy that echoes the very origins of the cosmos itself, and even as the strata of our earth entomb a fossil record recording the history of life on earth-all of our world becomes a text-teaching us the grammar of energy, space and matter which led to the birth of a universe. Critical Axis explains this text written in the phenomenon of the Cosmos as we move toward its revelation, and as such, Critical Axis is a guidebook to the text of our lives.