Individual Coaching


Individual Leadership Development starts with the willingness to assess ourselves entirely in who we think we are and, more importantly, in who we think we are not.

In doing so, we discover our strengths as well as our weaknesses.

INLLE uses the wisdom of the Enneagram, an ancient system that maps the human nature, to guide participants on how to access their strengths and balance their weaknesses, while recognizing that what really distinguishes us as outstanding Leaders amongst others is how wisely we can do just that.

Most often, our weaknesses result from the overuse of our strengths, so through awareness we become more balanced, more rounded, more effective to endure and achieve the success we seek.

When we lead ourselves, we also lead others, because we demonstrate leadership from within.  We find the ‘other' in us.  We operate through the compassion, understanding, and cooperation necessary to rise above the situation and move beyond.

The Institute For Next Level Leadership (INLLE)'s unique leadership technology is based on the creative use of the Enneagram as an ancient body of knowledge that offers Leaders an easy, proven and effective method for self-observation so we can better see, and accept ourselves and others while maximizing our potential, enthusiasm, success and sense of purpose.

Individuals can seek personal leadership development by joining the INLLE Leadership Mastermind Program which starts every October; and / or through individual coaching programs.  Individual Coaching Programs are highly recommended along side the Leadership Mastermind Program to support the integration and application of learning.

Individual Coaching Programs are also offered independently from the Leadership Mastermind Program.

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