Understanding Human Dynamics

What if your reactions and patterns are not yours? They are a form of autopilot running your life outside of your conscious awareness. This autopilot will drive you into repetitive patterns of fear, avoidance, and protection until you learn to lead yourself in more conscious ways. 

Suppose you feel that you've reached a plateau, sabotaged yourself, or are simply curious about yourself and your relationship with others. In that case, this is the time to take this program and gain the knowledge and experience to understand the energetic patterns running your life and consciously manage them towards greater alignment with your intentions and goals.

The enneagram is an ancient map of consciousness that allows you to understand your personality and the energetic patterns that make up your personality. 

Through the wisdom of the enneagram, you will understand and experience yourself far beyond your personality and behavior. You will recognize that, although you have a personality, you are not a personality. As a result, you will be able to lead your personality instead of being led by it.

Through the wisdom of the enneagram, you will know yourself as a unique mix of Higher Energies. You will remember your Higher Self and operate from that level with greater compassion, knowledge, and leadership.

You will gain experiential knowledge of the 9 Higher Energies and what they look like when they come upon this earth through the human baby. You will see these Higher Energies manifest very early in life and develop in childhood through patterns of avoidances and imbalances that are most likely carried forward into adulthood to become sabotagers of your goals and intentions.

Through the wisdom of the enneagram, you can free yourself from unconscious sabotagers in consciousness. You can elevate your knowledge of yourself, others, and your relationships to reflect the Higher Energies already present in you. You can become more of your Higher potential and manifest with confidence what makes your heart sing.

This program offers you a chance to improve your relationship with yourself, others, and the divine. This program provides you with the knowledge and experience that would have taken you decades or even lifetimes to reach. Honor yourself and others with the gift of living from essence based on the Higher Energies that sustain your life on this planet, and cheer for your unfoldment and success.



  • 20 Weeks
  • 20 Online Sessions of 2 hours each
  • Breakout room for learning integration in every session
  • Group coaching
  • Certificate of Completion

Find greater balance by stepping out of unconscious patterns and tapping into new resources


  • Gain Awarenesses of your patterns
  • Learn the Paradox that keep you stuck in a pattern
  • Know your inner resources
  • Learn ways to better utilize your inner resources
  • Consciously create a new direction in life
  • Participate in Community and Network


20 Online Sessions
Fridays, 9:45am - 12:00pm (PST)
July 8 - November 18, 2022


Online via Zoom



Includes 20 Online Sessions
+ 10 Individual Coaching Sessions

Includes 20 Online Sessions


July 8 Overview
July 15 Higher Energies I
July 22 Higher Energies II
July 29 Defense Mechanisms I
August 5 Defense Mechanisms II
August 12 Motivations &Superpowers I
August 19 Motivations &Superpowers II
August 26 Avoidances & Imbalances I
September 2 Avoidances & Imbalances II
September 9 Anitipowers & Traps I
September 16 Anitipowers & Traps II
September 23 Riddles I
September 30 Riddles II
October 7 Riddles III
October 14 Transcendence I
October 21 Transcendence II
October 28 Integration & Liberation I
November 4 Integration & Liberation II
November 11 Wrap-Up
November 18 Wrap-Up





Inely Cesna

She holds a Doctorate in Spiritual Sciences, a Masters in Spiritual Psychology, a Masters in Intellectual Property and a Juris Doctor in Law. She is an ordained minister and has an area of expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution and Success in Leadership and Human Relationships.  Law. She is the founder of the Institute For Next Level Leadership and an international leadership coach in the field of Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Sciences delivering cutting-edge views on deeper levels of leadership through awakening and awareness. She is the author of ‘Naked Truth. My Divine Journey to Intimacy’ and the co-author of ‘Critical Axis: Consciousness of Choice in Times of Change.'