INLLE has developed a unique, cutting-edge leadership technology based upon a diverse body of knowledge that varies from ancient mathematical geometric principles, to psychology, philosophy, quantum physics and market research.
The INLLE leadership technology is offered through online forums, out-of-the-box processes, group collaboration and customized individual coaching to allow for maximum benefit, transformation and success.
Participants receive the information and the experiences necessary for balance, understanding and transformation while promoting greater and greater levels of alignment, purpose and endurance.

We are all embarking in a whole new era of human engagement and participation in this world. INLLE is here to prepare you to succeed in it.

It's needless to say how rapidly the world transforms and evolves. Whether we ride the waves of transformation as an opportunity or as a curse will depend on our levels of preparation and leadership.

INLLE prepares you for excellence in leadership so that you can be a leader and a force for good in the evolution of this planet.

INLLE offers you the opportunity for greater awareness and leadership in your personal and professional life, cultivating success from inside out, for the greater good, and for a world where thriving is the norm.

What People Are Saying

During the time I was in the Leadership Mastermind Program, what happened was that it was creating an energy of growth in the backdrop of my life. We were meeting for my individual coaching sessions and for group coaching calls, and things were moving and up leveling. As a result, I’ve stayed in education but I shifted to a place that better serves me in my abilities to connect and impact the young people. I started a podcast with Danny McFarland, and things like these were moving and growing. These are two big main examples. The integration and the growth have been amazing, and for me, I feel like we’ve just touched the tip of the iceberg. The work that Inely and Mike have done as I have been able to participate in it, I can just see how they have been pouring more and building more up. So, I want to participate again. This is Next level leadership at its finest. The personalized attention and care that they provide. This time next year, who knows what this will be like, wrapped around the globe. This is wonderful. The fellowship is so rewarding. Every month, we would get together and Inely and Mike were continuously raising the game, adding the next layer and the next layer and invitations and hands on processes. They had the experiential fun activities to support whatever concepts and themes were forward and also using movement to get it into the body. So, what you hear them talking about, they are doing it. Absolutely 100%. I feel excited that I got on the train as it was leaving the station, to be one of the first riders, to know that I am a pioneer in the next level. Their individual knowledge base is so expansive, all the books they’ve read, all the time and energy they’ve put into developing this program, and they are just like “Here we are, how can we serve you for the highest good?"

transcribed from Dr. See Love’s sharing



Transformational Cutting-Edge Leadership For The Greater Good


In this event, Inely will talk about her journey of writing this book, share some inspirations from the book, and offer you the chance to connect with yourself and uncover your own truths.

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May 17 from 7- 8 pm


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